Our Strategic Plan

Schizophrenia & Psychosis Action Alliance (S&PAA) has launched a transformational agenda to lead a system-wide movement for change. Are you ready to join us?

The Problem

We need to stop punishing brain illness and start seriously treating it. Millions of people are falling through gaps, left untreated, marginalized, and dehumanized by the current systems of inadequate medical care and treatment. This results in unnecessary illness, death, and unimagineable pain for so many individuals and families.

Evidence-based medical approaches exist today that aren’t being used in a timely manner. We cannot wait any longer to fix what we know is broken.

Our Plan

In 2021, S&PAA adopted a bold 10-year plan (2022-2031) for life-saving care, treatment policy, and research.

Our Areas of Strategic Focus

Promote Policy and Systems-Level Change

  • Support federal, state, and local policies with the best chances to save lives
  • Reclassify schizophrenia from a behavioral to a medical condition
  • Advocate for patients’ rights to life-sustaining treatment/services and medical professionals’ ability to treat without judicial oversight

Accelerate Disease Understanding/Treatment Access to Improve Patient/Caregiver Outcomes


  • Increase schizophrenia disease awareness and understanding
  • Showcase treatment options and expose and eliminate barriers to care
  • Amplify the impact of anosognosia on care decisions and treatment options

Amplify Treatment and Research Breakthroughs

  • Use thought leadership to reach more people
  • Expand patient and caregiver networks
  • Lead disease insights applied research
  • Accelerate novel/breakthrough treatments
  • Promote medical professional training and career development

Our Work Ahead

There is an urgent need to bridge the gap between accepted scientific fact and current systems of care for people living with schizophrenia and psychosis spectrum disorders. In the months ahead, we will pursue the following activities to improve access and quality of care with the best chances to help end harmful public policy decisions and insufficient treatment options for patients:

  • Conduct a global systems-level analysis of reclassification of schizophrenia from a behavioral to a medical condition to identify specific tactics for transforming existing barriers to treatment and care

  • Serve as a catalyst in support of research which can lead to new treatments for patients with a clinical high risk of psychosis spectrum disorders

  • Conduct and publicly share additional data-driven economic research to identify the total societal costs of schizophrenia in order to establish foundational knowledge that shapes more effective public policies

  • Provide support and education to those living with schizophrenia and psychosis spectrum disorders

  • Partner with industry to ensure new therapeutics are safe, effective, and have the best chances for regulatory success

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