Breaking Down Barriers to Schizophrenia Treatment & Support

On May 24, 2023, the Schizophrenia & Psychosis Alliance activated hundreds of people in our community to speak out and join our movement as we fight the discrimination against people with schizophrenia and psychosis disorders. To celebrate World Schizophrenia Day, we focused our Day of Action on Capitol Hill:

  • Meeting with members of Congress to seek legislation that will calculate the true prevalence and cost of schizophrenia in the United States.
  • Holding a Capitol Hill briefing with the American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists to call for improved access to lifesaving treatment.
  • Partnering with the Alliance for Health Policy to host a webinar for policymakers, providers and others that detailed the severe gaps in care and how to solve them.

Policy Webinar:

Making the System Work for People Living with Schizophrenia

Held in partnership with the Alliance for Health Policy, this webinar featured leading experts on the barriers to care that are embedded in our society. The panel, which included psychiatrists and policy experts, addressed the needs of people living with schizophrenia and psychosis disorders, the implications of the severe, systemic gaps in care often experienced by this population and the role of innovation, care delivery and policy in alleviating the human and economic toll of schizophrenia.

Capitol Hill Briefing:

People with Schizophrenia Face Severe Treatment Barriers

At our Capitol Hill Briefing, co-hosted with the American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists, experts on schizophrenia treatment and disability rights and two people living with schizophrenia described the dangerous and discriminatory barriers to care people with schizophrenia face every day.

Congressional Meetings:

Seeking New Policies and Funding to Improve Treatment and Support

We connected 30 individuals and families from our schizophrenia community with 31 members of Congress to advocate that funding be increased for programs to help people with schizophrenia survive and thrive.